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Physics is the most significant subject I have ever learnt throughout my educational career. And I always like to spare my time to think about the mystery of Physics. Hence, I want to be a teacher in physics so that I can explore myself in the gigantic field of this area. In addition, I would like to develop scientific software which will be able to unravel certain unbreakable time consuming physical problem in a glance.

Md. Enamul Hoque

Hobby: Watching movies, Gossiping, Playing Guiter, Traveling

Fabourite Movie: A Beautiful MInd, Good Will Hount

Favourite Stag drama: "Voddor Nok"

Favourite Persion: Maxwell, Newton

Favourite Place: Beside the river

Favourite Game: Cricket, Football, Chess

Faborite Moment: Evening of the day

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I have completed M.S. and Hon's from the physics department of Shah Jalal University of Science & Technology with Physics as Major. I have interest on astrophysics, high energy physics and very much on computational physics. I have done some program on computational physics with C++ and mathematica 6. I am very much experienced on both Windows xp and Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Red hat) operating system. And I am also experienced in Microsoft Office, Visual Basic, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, PHP in Windows and Open Office, different types of compiler for C++ (special in g++), Gimp, Lyx, gnuplot, Euler, PHP, Quanta Plus and many other in Linux.

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Personal Information:

Father's Name: Md. Najmul Hoque
Mother's Name: Nur Jahan
Mail Address:
    village: Dickrir Char
    Post: Alir Tack
    Thana: Narayan Ganj Shadar
    District: Naryan Ganj
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